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With over 20 years in the mortgage industry, Ernie's main purpose remains the same: Provide people with simple and purposeful mortgage lending. To Ernie clients are not just a transaction. They are people, each with a different need or desire. Being able to provide flexible mortgage options in a simple and understanding way, has been the ‘back-bone’ of his success for over a decade. “At the end of the day I am not working with a loan number or a purchase, but a person. I want all of my clients to feel that I not only have their best interest in mind for today, but for years to come. I hope the integrity and care that I display from the beginning of the process, extends well past the signing of the last papers. ”

“I enjoy the personal part of my job. To be honest if you stuck me in a room with paperwork and a bunch of numbers, I would go crazy. It is the people I work with that I enjoy. Feeling as though I am able to take a situation with so many ‘moving pieces’ and make it simple and understandable keeps me working hard.”

Away from the office Ernie and his wife Monica enjoy family travels.  Their oldest son Nick is in the US Army  and their younger son Garrett is a Freshman and Holmes Community College. 

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